Wall of wood


Matter, play and reuse.

The industrialized world in which we live converts natural resources rapidly into waste material and produces a large quantity of residue that can be found in the sea or on the street.

This educational workshop proposes an different approach to the natural material namely wood and the trees from which it comes.

The training exercise was developed around an artistic piece titled “Wall of Wood” developed by myself in 2007, commissioned by the Youth Council of the City of Alicante in Spain and subsequently led to a tour of several towns in the Valencian Community with the support of the CAM Bank. These workshops were attended by over 1000 primary school children as well as mentally handicapped groups and was always a great success amongst the participants and visitors.It has been constantly evolving since then.

“Wall of Wood” is a stack of shelves with the dimensions of 280 x 220 x 55 cm, containing over 2000 recovered wood fragments, of different varieties and different origins. Wood that has been found, gathered on the street or brought by sea have been treated, sanded and polished and therefore safe for use.

This work has been previously used as a quarry of wood by the artist Alvaro Tamarit to build his work, and is now offered to the public to participate in the workshop where the participants will be able to build their own sculptural compositions.

Throughout this workshop the particpants are encouraged to make horizontal or balanced constructions using a unique technique of wooden toys, such as stacking without using adhesives or other assembly processes.

The proposal invites the production of sculptural constructions with wooden pieces.

Through this exercise of experimentation and play, the audience is shown the process of sculptural construction enabling them to create objects in a fun way, avoiding any economical and technological games.

Educational objectives

– Educate and familiarise participants in the reuse of components intended to drift. Teaching children and youth the technique to reuse pieces of wood discarded by society and turning them into new objects well aware of the need to respect the environment.
– Build a critical and objective look of the urban environment.
– Demonstrate that it is possible to develop didactic experiences which do not contaminate and can be considered a zero emissions workshop.

Educational Workshop by Álvaro Tamarit

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